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cubic yards.


BTY Base Screened Topsoil

$42.50 / Yard

Great soil for cost control or adding products for your projects or gardening needs.

BTY Multi Purpose Garden Soil

$55.00 / Yard

Rich screened topsoil with added nutrient rich compost. Great soil for garden beds, top dressing or sod preparation. 55% to 60% food and garden waste compost blended with screened topsoil mix

BTY Deluxe Garden Soil

$67.50 / Yard

BTY multi-purpose garden soil with added 100% alder based organic fish / chicken compost. Great product for starting veggie gardens or landscape gardens. Note: soil may not contain all the elements for a new veggie garden. Good growing medium takes time, testing/amending. Low nitrogen is common.

BTY Lawn Mix

$55.00 / Yard

1/2 inch minus screened topsoil, 35% sand.

Clean Fill (when available)

$10.00 / Yard


Fish Compost

$125.00 / Yard

100% Organic-based rich compost soil amender (Not Soil). Great for adding nutrition to your existing soil, great for veggie and flower gardens.

Food and Natural Organic Compost

$55.00 / Yard

Rich in nutrients. great soil amender for vegetables and regular gardens.


Fish Mulch

$67.50 / Yard

Landscapers choice dark Fish mulch 70 % Alder mulch 30 % fish compost. This product is great for mulching gardens for weed control and adding nutrition to your soil at the same time. (Colour and texture may vary.)

Red Medium Fine Fir

$55.00 / Yard

100% fine ground fir bark (colour and texture may vary) great for adding colour to your scheme and reducing weed growth.

Bark Mulch Medium Coarse Fir

$55.00 / Yard

This product suppresses weeds, rich, non toxic and enriches soil. 100% ground fir bark, larger bark chunks to fine (colour and texture may vary) great around trees, shrubs and more wind resistant. Colour and texture may vary.

Dark Medium-Fine Aged Alder Bark Organic  Mulch

$55.00 / Yard

This product suppresses weeds, nitrogen rich, non toxic and enriches soil. Colour and texture may vary.

Spaghetti Hog / Mulch

$30.00 / Yard

Great for ground cover, pathways and animal paddocks.

Screened Cedar Chips

$57.00 / Yard

100% cedar great for pathways, play areas and can be used in around trees and shrubs; very acidic and great for weed control.

Economical Unscreened Cedar Chip/Mulch

$40.00 / Yard

Can be used for ground cover, pathways and garden mulching.


1/4 Minus Screenings (Pathway Blend)

$55.00 / Yard

1/4 minus screenings, pathway chips: great for prepping for asphalt, concrete and pavers. Also a great product for inexpensive driveways, RV parking and walkways; very compactable.

3/4 Minus Road Base

$38.50 / Yard

3/4 inch gravel to fines, great compaction material used for prepping for concrete and asphalt; installation, gravel driveways and pathways; also used for pipe bedding and fill.

3" Minus Road Crush

$36.00 / Yard

Coarse compaction material great for bringing up elevation for road building and foundation work.

1/2 Clear Crush

$62.50 / Yard

Decorative rock. Great for pathways and driveways.

3/4 Minus Clear Crush

$49.50 / Yard

Great for pathways, driveways and excellent for drainage rock.

1 1/2 Minus Clear Crush

$49.50 / Yard

1 1/2 minus clear crush - 1 1/2 size aggregate down to 1 inch not suggested for driveways or pathways can be used for a decorative feature . Great drainage rock.


3/8 Decorative Pea Gravel

$69.00 / Yard

3/8 pea gravel / torpedo - this product is used in exposed aggregate cement finish, playgrounds, kennels and also can be used for decorative and drainage rock applications.

3/4 Minus Decorative Drain Rock

$60.00 / Yard

3/4 minus drainage rock - very decorative for rock feature gardens. Can be used for driveways, pathways and ponds and great drainage material for perimeter drain systems and repairs.

1 1/2" Decorative Drain Rock

$60.00 / Yard

1 1/2 drainage rock - very decorative for rock feature gardens, ponds and great drainage rock for perimeter drain systems and repairs.

1 to 2 1/2" Decorative River Stone

$60.00 / Yard

2" to 4" Decorative River Stone

$75.00 / Yard

2 to 5 inch river stone - very popular for ponds and rock feature gardens. Ideal for low maintenance gardening and bordering.

4 to 18 inch Decorative River Stone

$115.00 / Yard

4 to 18 inch decorative river stone - great for bordering and pond features. Note: majority of rocks are 4 to 12 inch in size. There are very few large stones and these can be separated.

C33 Washed Course Sand

$57.00 / Yard

Washed Screened Fill Sand

$45.00 / Yard

Great for pipe and underground services bedding and for sandbox sand.

3/4 Naavy Jack Concrete Mix

$60.00 / Yard


Five Gallon Pricing

$ 30.00 to $ 45.00 $ 2.50 per 5 gallon pail
$ 45.00 to $ 55.00 $ 3.00 per 5 gallon pail
$ 55.00 to $ 70.00 $ 3.50 per 5 gallon pail
$ 70.00 to $ 95.00 $ 4.00 per 5 gallon pail

Eight pails or over = 0.50 cent discount per pail
Note: proper footwear is mandatory. Your safety is our concern.
Thank you

Disclaimer and Delivery Information

Soil Disclaimer: Bulk soil may contain small pieces of glass, pvc and other small waste objects. Soil is a product of our environment and as a bulk produced item we do not have the ability to completely screen out these materials. It’s very rare that such objects are included in your soil, however, it is recommended that you take the precaution of using hand protection when handling. If this is a concern, bagged soil would be the answer but take note that bulk soil ranges from $34.00 to $55.00 per yard; bagged soil ranges $80.00 to $160.00 per yard based on one cubic foot per bag. Thanks, BTY.

If you require small amounts of product you are welcome to bring along 5 gallon pales, recycle bins, totes, garbage cans etc. NB: Due to high vehicle volume small container fills will be allowed Monday through Friday only during our peak season March through May. Thank you for your understanding. Your safety is our main concern.


Delivery Zones: Metchosin , Sooke , East Sooke , Langford , Colwood , Highlands
View Royal , Esquimalt , Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, Sidney, Shawnigan Lake, and Cobble Hill.Some restrictions do apply.
Deliveries Monday thru Saturday. Please book in advance to assure your product will be delivered in time for your project. NB: aggregate delivery rates apply to lawn soil delivery. Contractor discounts available.


GMC 7500 Gravel Truck

Tandem Axel Gravel Truck

Slinger service is available


Slinger Truck

Delivery Rates

Concrete Mix Delivery Rates Cost
1 to 2.5 yards $80.00 and up
over 2.5 to 5 yards $95.00 and up
over 5 yards to 10 yards $120.00 and up

Delivery Rates

Aggregate 1 to 3 yrd $80.00 and up
Aggregate over 3 yrd to 5 yrd $95.00 and up
Aggregate over 5 yrd to 12 yrd $120.00 and up
Soil 1 to 5 yrd $80.00 and up
Soil over 5 yrd to 8 yrd $95.00 and up
Soil over 8 yrd to 17 yrd $120.00 and up
Mulch Chips Compost 1 to 5 yrd $80 and up
Mulch Chips Compost over 5 yrd to 8 yrd $95 and up
Mulch Chips Compost over 8 yrd and up $120 and up